IHK Best Honors 2021 – Oops, we did it again!


A cool, sunny autumn morning. Outside, the first colorful leaves gently fall past the windows. In the office, people are busy typing on their keyboards. But then the door opens and it flutters in again – the certificate honoring the best training companies!

For the second time the in.webs GmbH was honored and we celebrate this beautiful occasion. Clearly: The new certificate and also the pretty trophy of our former trainee Katharina Föhles get a place of honor!

Celebrated once again our graphics department. Kathi passed her exam to become a digital and print media designer – design and technology with an above-average performance. We would like to congratulate Kathi and her trainers on this great achievement. The freshly acquired technical and practical knowledge is now already flowing into the training of the next generation of designers and we are delighted to have such a strong team. Cheers.