Product photos like never before!


In order to be able to exploit the creative possibilities in our Product Design department more professionally and extensively in the future, we now have a small photo studio in-house for increased quality in product photography.
In order to literally put packaging designs and certain products in the right light, the new photo box supports us with a cove, several lamps and softboxes, a large tripod and a reflector. The creative people in the house were also happy about an additional new lens for our camera, which has already been diligently tested and is firmly in use.
The targeted illumination of the new lamps allows us to showcase our refined print products and packaging in particular. Direct light can be better directed onto the product and, for example, a noble gold foil finish can be particularly emphasised.
With these new requirements, product photography has never been easier for us! Because a high-quality product photo is very important for a successful presentation, especially at the current time of increased online meetings and agreements. The improved possibilities of visualisation support our customers and contribute to a successful project realisation.